"that's what mary jane said"

Its time people know the truth. CANNABIS IS NOT A CRIME. I thought it was until my mid twenties, thought it was the big bad drug I was told it was. Upon researching for myself instead of blindly believing what we are all taught I realized that the whole prohibition was a political agenda and that cannabis was medicinally beneficial as well as recreational. Who doesn't like winding down and relaxing after a hard days work? What's the crime in that. Not to mention marijuana is no more addicting than the cola I just drank. So heres to Mary Jane. She saved my life by giving me quality of life. I was prescribed heavy pain pills from the time I was 15 for my bad back. All of which were heavily addictive and just knocked me out and made me feel groggy and awful. 15 years later I finally found relief. It also works magic on my anxiety disorder, when I am in a full blown panic attack marijuana is the only thing that gives me instant relief. WE MUST RAISE AWARENESS...
I refuse to let my liberties continue to be infringed upon based on misinformed opinions. You don't have to smoke weed to vote for truth and freedom. It is a simple question, do you want to base your opinion and vote on facts or hand-me-down lies? Toke or no toke, we are on the same side. Let the marijuana leaf fly. This is not about just getting high. It is for our freedom that I fight. I'll smoke to that.

When you feel you have lost everything, you still have
  • books
  • unexpected kindness in strangers
  • the rest of the world to travel
  • languages to learn
  • animals to take care of
  • volunteer work to do
  • the power of a good night’s rest
  • the changing of seasons
  • infinite things to learn
  • billions of people to meet and possibly love
  • billions of people who might love you back

Needed this today

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